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Community Coaching Annex

communitycoaching_logoAs teenagers engage the next phase in their lives, emerging adulthood, their need for independent skill development and related support systems also evolves. Programming for these young adults should be tailored according to the transition from high school into the next stage of life, given their unique abilities as well as relative areas of need considering their plans for a fruitful future as contributing members of their communities. By focusing on each individual’s interests, strengths and competencies, we provide a therapeutic intervention promoting citizenship, productivity and most importantly, life options and permutations where a traditional single-track currently prevails.

The CC Annex is a part-time, “next step” ABA program of Community Coaching for emerging young adults
(approximately ages 17-26) diagnosed with ASD, designed to prepare them for the next chapter of their adult lives. The CC Annex program focuses on increasing functional life skills and autonomy by inciting self-development and improving social interactions while accessing their greater community. Young adults learn age-appropriate life-preparedness skills and self-monitoring strategies to access the multitude of diverse and inclusive social opportunities their local community has to
offer. The CC Annex supports young adults in their efforts to engage with peers and community members, providing them the tools to build and nurture meaningful, long lasting relationships and maximize independence.

In order to provide a comprehensive program, CC Annex collaborates with each participant’s current support system, including caregivers, professionals, academic or vocational programs, employers and medical personnel. Individual treatment plans are created based on behavioral assessment tools to identify unique
proficiencies, areas of need and social interests. The CC Annex cultivates natural support systems to teach young adults networking abilities to participate in more inclusive community environments rich with meaningful social opportunities. The CC Annex program strives to offer our young adults access to various schemas for a more independent rewarding life experience full of choices.

*As the over-arching goal of the CC Annex program is to prepare young to succeed in programs and environments a maximum of a 3 to 1 program participant to support staff ratio, young adult candidates for this program must have recommendation by Include Autism clinical staff.