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Community Coaching Program Overview

Program Overview

Our Program

The Community Coaching (CC) program of Include Autism is an inter-disciplinary, goal oriented, data driven program that provides individualized behavioral support and community access to children, teens and young adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. The program focuses on developing and generalizing skills and adaptive behaviors by utilizing evidence-based practices on an individual basis. The Community Coaching program addresses surrys-eddie-nicole-devri-cortkeythe individual social, communication, and behavioral deficits displayed by program participants. The CC program then teaches the skills needed to build reciprocal and meaningful social interactions and relationships through healthy, functional social skills and behaviors.

The Community Coaching program is run by a highly skilled, autism-specifically trained Behavior Coaching Team trained in Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) techniques. The Coaching team utilizes a variety of individual evidence-based practices that focus on teaching behavior self-management belmotparkgolf-eddie-denise-avastrategies, appropriate social skills, and adaptive transitioning skills to help program participants more independently navigate and be more actively included in their communities. CC program participants learn a variety of age-appropriate skills necessary to require less support and live as independently as possible. The Community Coaching program strives to teach Program Participants the skills needed for maximizing functional independence, social inclusion, and as a result, maximized self-reliance, quality of life, and happiness.

The overall goal of the Community Coaching ABA program is to facilitate socially significant behavioral change and effort to increase access to all environments relevant in the lives of all our program participants. This is a primary tenet of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Guiding Principles

• Focus on the individual, not the label
• Value and cultivate individual proficiencies, strengths, and interests; Reward the good stuff
• Maintain consistency and flexibility in programming in a variety of natural settings
• Recognize behavior is a communication choice and encourage appropriate choicesbeachlookout-juan-marcos-josh-r-cooper-ydette
• Identify and address individual social behaviors and sensory issues to teach self-management skills

• Utilize a Team approach to provide an interdisciplinary, reciprocal learning experience for all
• Support social development and independence through building peer and community relationships and promoting inclusion
• Provide in socially significant behavioral change and in effort to increase access to all environments for our Program Participants
• Serve as a bridge between all significant environments: the home, school, and community.

The Community Coaching Center Program Participants are offered a multitude of community experiences and participation in activities that give them airport-2an opportunity to practice appropriate social interactions and behaviors (turn taking, hands-to-self/non aggressive behaviors, social norms and rules, engaging in interactive behaviors instead of “self-stimulating” behaviors, etc.) in natural settings. They also practice communication skills (verbal, sign, picture schedules, regulating volume, rate of speech, appropriate word choices, etc.), manners (using napkin and utensils, patience waiting for food, staying seated, ordering, etc.) and safety awareness skills in their own community. Participants are given opportunities to interact with peers both within the program and with typically developing peers that help them build confidence, self-awareness, and social independence in a variety of settings that are relevant in their own lives.

*Community Coaching admits participants of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Program Components and Outcomes

communitycoaching_logoProgram Components

ABA “On The Go”

The Community Coaching program brings principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) out into the dynamic, spontaneous “real world” for kids and teens/young adults diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our unique ABA and social skills training program strives to serve as a collaborative bridge between home, school, and clinical environments and the community. The CC program is constantly in motion, offering natural supported opportunities for Program Participants to develop the skills to become more flexible, adaptable, and functionally independent in order to be successfully included in their community.

Skill Building, Generalization, and Maintenance:

Community Coaching exposes our Participants to numerous real-life experiences, community Include Autism-MusicTheapyenvironments, and a variety of naturally occurring circumstances to build, generalize, and maintain skills throughout their lifetime.

  • Community Coaching provides the Program Participants the opportunity to practice using the tools they have been given in school, clinical, or site-based programs in the real world to generalize and maintain skills that help them become active participants in their own communities.

Behavior Management:

Our goal is to develop socially appropriate behaviors and self-management skills in the community. Our Team includes autism-specific trained, experienced, & educated professionals that provide ongoing behavioral planning, implementation, support, and
community training to Program Participants & their families.

  • Behavior is a Choice philosophy: We can’t control what happens around us or what other people do, but we can control what we do about it. Behavior is a choice.

Community Inclusion:

  • Teach essential behavior management techniques, appropriateInclude Autism-Park Visit-5 social behaviors, safety skills and skills that are necessary to form meaningful relationships.
  • Support and facilitate our Program Participants in becoming included members of their community.
  • Educate community members about autism and how to accept and include individuals with autism in their lives.
  • Increase independence throughout Program Participant lifetime.


Why the Community Coaching program?

The Community Coaching program offers unique community-based, inclusion programming for kids and  Include Autism-Batting Cages-6teens diagnosed with ASD providing them hands-on experiential learning opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to:

  • Access and safely navigate a broad range of relevant community environments
  • Generalize learned skills in natural, uncontrived environments
  • Develop practical and functional skills and coping mechanisms to handle anxiety-inducing situations
  • Engage with peers and others in the community to build meaningful relationships
  • Require less support in adulthood
  • Be included in the community

Family and Collaboration

Our philosophy is to provide services as a Team. Each Program Include Autism-BowlingParticipant receives the same loving care rooted in the respect and dignity one would expect from a member of his or her own family. Community Coaching recognizes the Program Participant’s entire team as the collaborative experts on the Program Participant and his or her individual behavioral, communicative, and social needs. The Community Coaching program’s concern for safety, ongoing training, and consistency in programming is fundamental to the way the Team Members interact with the Program Participants and their families. Not only do we get to know each Program Participant, but we also spend time getting to know each family’s dynamics, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for that Program Participant. This information allows us to develop a framework for accomplishing that Program Participant’s individual goals.

  • Entire Team viewed as collaborative experts on the Participant’s behavioral, communicative, and social needs
  • We incorporate each family’s dynamics, culture, and aspirations into individual goals
  • Link between all environments in which the Program Participant interact


communitycoaching_logoInclude Autism’s Community Coaching Program Team is committed to work with and
accommodate the individual needs of all families that need the service in every way we can by providing comprehensive services to address the individual needs for our Program Participants and their families. We strive to provide services based on each family’s unique needs, distinct circumstances, and individual resources in attempt to continue to reach as many kids and teens with ASD that need our services to access become included in their community, within the scope of services, current regulations, and relevant economic circumstances that affect our organization.

Getting Started

The Community Coaching program is funded by several different entities. Listed below are the three main sources of funding we currently can accept for new program participants, but we are always willing to try to work with you if you have other ideas or ways of accessing our services. We will walk you through every step of the process, beginning with a site tour and an evaluation of your child by one of our Program Management Team and/or Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Call us at: 858-603-9835 or fill out our online request for a site visit.

Private Payment

The fastest and easiest way to get your child started with the Community Coaching Center program is private payment. We will walk you through every step of the process, beginning with a site tour and an evaluation of your child by a member of our program management team.  Call us at: 858-603-9835 to get started.


If your child or teen has been diagnosed with ASD, we can help you determine whether your health insurance plan will provide coverage for our services or other services. Start by contacting us at 858-603-4812 and we’ll walk you through the information we’ll need to check with your insurance company on eligibility.

*We are currently in-network providers for United Behavioral Health, Magellan/Blue Shield, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross,  Sharp/PCSD/MHN, and Tricare.  For MediCal we take, Community Health Group, MHN, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, and Care 1st

Regional Centers

The first step to receiving state-funded services is to locate the Regional Center serving your County. A list can be found in the Directory of Regional Centers in California.

The Regional Center will perform a clinical evaluation to determine your child’s eligibility for service and to identify the type(s) of services he or she may need.  A Regional Center case manager will be assigned to your child’s case to coordinate services, track the progress of services they fund, and provide resource referrals.

Because Regional Centers receive state funding for their programs, they are mandated by state legislation/legal interpretation of legislation as well as budgetary constraints and will dictate accessibility of funding for certain services a Regional Center may or may not offer. As such, a working understanding current legislation and your child’s individual rights is extremely important when it comes to accessing Regional Center funded services.

*We are vendored with the San Diego Regional Center and do accept Fee for Service as funded by SDRC for ABA therapy.