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Johnny Grant, M.B.A.

Director of Development and Outreach

Johnny was born and raised on Long Island, NY and traveled out to San Diego in fall of 2011. Johnny graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay, in 2017 with a Masters in Business Administor and SUNY, University at Albany with a Bachelors in 2009. He has a plethera of work experience from working with kids with emotional and intellectual disabilities, to fundraising for the University and other local nonprofits, to corporate marketing and sales.

Johnny helped write and create the Autism Inclusion Training program and has many roles at Include Autism. He is also on the planning committee at the Crimson Treatment and Research Center.

Fun fact about Johnny: Johnny has the same birthday as the famous radio personality Johnny Grant, who was deemed the honorary Major of Hollywood. They have some other eerie similarities too, like their fathers have the same name and their mother’s names both have 5 letters in them… Weird!