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Program Components and Outcomes

communitycoaching_logoProgram Components

ABA “On The Go”Include Autism - Firetruck Vist

The Community Coaching program brings principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) out into the dynamic, spontaneous “real world” for kids and teens/young adults diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our unique ABA and social skills training program strives to serve as a collaborative bridge between home, school, and clinical environments and the community. The CC program is constantly in motion, offering natural supported opportunities for Program Participants to develop the skills to become more flexible, adaptable, and functionally independent in order to be successfully included in their community.

Skill Building, Generalization, and Maintenance:

Community Coaching exposes our Participants to numerous real-life experiences, community Include Autism-MusicTheapyenvironments, and a variety of naturally occurring circumstances to build, generalize, and maintain skills throughout their lifetime.

  • Community Coaching provides the Program Participants the opportunity to practice using the tools they have been given in school, clinical, or site-based programs in the real world to generalize and maintain skills that help them become active participants in their own communities.

Behavior Management:

Our goal is to develop socially appropriate behaviors and self-management skills in the community. Our Team includes autism-specific trained, experienced, & educated professionals that provide ongoing behavioral planning, implementation, support, and
community training to Program Participants & their families.

  • Behavior is a Choice philosophy: We can’t control what happens around us or what other people do, but we can control what we do about it. Behavior is a choice.

Community Inclusion:

  • Teach essential behavior management techniques, appropriateInclude Autism-Park Visit-5 social behaviors, safety skills and skills that are necessary to form meaningful relationships.
  • Support and facilitate our Program Participants in becoming included members of their community.
  • Educate community members about autism and how to accept and include individuals with autism in their lives.
  • Increase independence throughout Program Participant lifetime.


Why the Community Coaching program?

The Community Coaching program offers unique community-based, inclusion programming for kids and  Include Autism-Batting Cages-6teens diagnosed with ASD providing them hands-on experiential learning opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to:

  • Access and safely navigate a broad range of relevant community environments
  • Generalize learned skills in natural, uncontrived environments
  • Develop practical and functional skills and coping mechanisms to handle anxiety-inducing situations
  • Engage with peers and others in the community to build meaningful relationships
  • Require less support in adulthood
  • Be included in the community

Family and Collaboration

Our philosophy is to provide services as a Team. Each Program Include Autism-BowlingParticipant receives the same loving care rooted in the respect and dignity one would expect from a member of his or her own family. Community Coaching recognizes the Program Participant’s entire team as the collaborative experts on the Program Participant and his or her individual behavioral, communicative, and social needs. The Community Coaching program’s concern for safety, ongoing training, and consistency in programming is fundamental to the way the Team Members interact with the Program Participants and their families. Not only do we get to know each Program Participant, but we also spend time getting to know each family’s dynamics, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for that Program Participant. This information allows us to develop a framework for accomplishing that Program Participant’s individual goals.

  • Entire Team viewed as collaborative experts on the Participant’s behavioral, communicative, and social needs
  • We incorporate each family’s dynamics, culture, and aspirations into individual goals
  • Link between all environments in which the Program Participant interact